The Obin

Imagined AI depiction of The Obin from "The Last Colony" by John Scalzi, encapsulating the essence of this iconic archetype of Evolving society in the narrative.
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The Obin are an alien species featured in ‘The Last Colony’ by John Scalzi. Initially created as a subservient and intellectually limited race, the Obin undergo a significant transformation and seek independence and equality. Their struggle for autonomy and the complexities of their evolving societal structure are central to the plot. As the story unfolds, the Obin’s development challenges the established power dynamics and contributes to the overall theme of identity and self-determination.


[“We are not the class fifty weapons we were designed to be. We are what we choose to be.”,”We want to be free. We want to be smart. We want what humans have been given since their birth.”,”Our world is heroic and terrible. The only thing the universe will do when you fight is make you a warrior.”]


The Obin are bipedal beings with distinctive mottled skin and luminescent eyes.




Enhanced intellect, physical strength, and societal evolution


Evolving society





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