The Lady of the Lake

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The Lady of the Lake is a mystical and enigmatic figure in the fantasy novel “Winter Rose” by Patricia A. McKillip. She holds a significant presence in the Otherworld and plays a crucial role in the unfolding of events that entwine the lives of the characters. The Lady of the Lake embodies an ethereal and timeless quality, evoking a sense of ancient wisdom and mystery.


[““We walk like grieving shadows, we always have. What may you do for a dream?””,”“The wind has always been on the side of your family, Rois. Will the wind obey anyone who so easily might betray her own dreams?””,”“Did you not know you would find just the answer you want beside me here so early in the morning?””]


The Lady of the Lake is described as a figure of ethereal beauty, with luminous eyes and a presence that seems to transcend the physical world. She possesses a regal and timeless grace, exuding an air of ancient wisdom and knowledge.




The Lady of the Lake holds ancient wisdom and knowledge, and she exhibits an ethereal presence that transcends the mundane realm.


Mystical Guide


Otherworldly being




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