Shi Qiang

Shi Qiang: 3 body problem
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Shi Qiang is a no-nonsense, relentless detective characterized by his tough exterior and unyielding determination. He is known for his exceptional investigative skills and willingness to take extreme measures to solve cases. Shi Qiang is fiercely independent and doesn’t hesitate to confront any obstacles or adversaries in his pursuit of justice.


[“You’re not even a policeman, what’s a robber afraid of a policeman for?”,”There are no innocents in this world. Those who are good at speaking and don’t act aren’t good people.”,”I’d be dead if I were as ordinary as you.”]


Shi Qiang is a tall, muscular man with a rugged appearance. He has short, unkempt black hair, piercing eyes, and typically dresses in a simple, no-nonsense manner.




Exceptional investigative skills, physical strength, and confrontational attitude








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