Rois Melior

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Rois Melior is the main character in the fantasy novel “Winter Rose” by Patricia A. McKillip. Rois is a young woman who is drawn into the Otherworld, a place that lies between dreams and reality. She becomes entangled in a world of ancient family magic, mysterious strangers, and strange events that lead her to the heart of the Otherworld. Rois is curious, resourceful, and determined, seeking to unravel the secrets surrounding her family and the enigmatic Corbet Lynn. Throughout the story, she shows courage and resilience as she navigates the ethereal and enchanting realm of the Otherworld.


[““I am Rois,” she said. ‘I cannot be ruled by the moon.'”,”“I know you will ask me, ‘Who are you?’ You are Rois Melior, and a young lord of the north wind has made you so wise that you can destroy us all.””,”“when she knew something, it was with an almost shocking surety””]


Rois has an ethereal and otherworldly appearance, with pale skin, dark hair, and eyes that seem to hold an inner spark. She has an air of mystery and grace about her, often drawing the attention of those around her.




Rois possesses an innate sense of wisdom and courage, and she exhibits a keen intuition and determination throughout the story.






Young adult


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