Malevolent Forces of the Netherworld

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The malevolent forces of the Netherworld are antagonistic entities that inhabit the eerie and mystical realms Koot must navigate. These entities represent the dark and perilous aspects of the supernatural underworld, posing significant threats to Koot as he seeks to unravel the mysteries of his powers and confront the consequences of meddling with life and death.


[“You tread upon ground that does not belong to you, mortal.”,”The power you wield will exact a heavy toll.”,”Fear us, for we are the shadow that engulfs all.”]


The malevolent forces manifest as ominous and shadowy figures, exuding an aura of foreboding malevolence. Their forms are nebulous and enigmatic, reflecting the insidious nature of the Netherworld.




Dark and malevolent powers




Supernatural Entities




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