Koot’s Deceased Mother

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Koot’s deceased mother appears as a spectral guide to him, offering insight and guidance as he navigates the perilous Netherworld and grapples with the ramifications of his powers. Her presence serves as a source of comfort and wisdom for Koot, guiding him through the mysteries and challenges he faces.


[“Death does not sever the bond between a mother and her child.”,”You carry a burden, but you are stronger than you realize.”,”Trust your instincts, Koot. They will guide you in the darkness.”]


As a spectral figure, Koot’s deceased mother exudes an ethereal presence, with a gentle and comforting demeanor. She appears as a shimmering apparition, radiating a sense of maternal warmth and protection.




Guidance from the afterlife


Mentor, Guide


Spectral Being


Deceased (exact age unspecified)


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