Koot Hoomie Parganas

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Koot Hoomie Parganas is a young boy with the extraordinary ability to animate the dead. He is the central character in “Expiration Date,” navigating the streets of modern-day Los Angeles and the enigmatic Netherworld. As he becomes entangled in the supernatural underworld, Koot’s journey involves uncovering the secrets of his unique powers and confronting malevolent forces. Throughout the story, Koot grapples with the consequences of his abilities and seeks guidance from various characters, including his deceased mother.


[“I never asked for this. It’s a curse, not a gift.”,”The dead talk to me, but I wish they wouldn’t.”,”I can bring them back, but I can’t make them stay.”]


Koot is described as having a lean build, with tousled dark hair and piercing green eyes. He possesses an air of solemnity and a haunted look, reflecting the burden of his extraordinary power.




Ability to animate the dead






Young boy (exact age unspecified)


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