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Hun-Kamé is the ancient Mayan god of death who is inadvertently unleashed from a wooden box by Casiopea Tun. He appears as a powerful and enigmatic figure with a deep connection to the Mayan underworld, Xibalba. Hun-Kamé is on a quest to regain his rightful position and confronts his treacherous brother with Casiopea’s help. His demeanor is often mysterious and stoic, concealing a complex and conflicted nature.


[“You have released me, and therefore, I am bound to you.”,”I am death. I walk with the shadows, because I am the shadows.”,”In life, one must always choose between boredom and suffering.”]


Hun-Kamé has an imposing presence, with obsidian-like eyes and a regal bearing. He has a striking, otherworldly aura, exuding an air of power and ancient wisdom.




Immortality, control over death and shadows


God of Death


Mayan deity



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