Lines of Departure

Imagined AI depiction of the book "Lines of Departure" by Marko Kloos, encapsulating the essence of this hugo-2015 award winning novel.

The Lines of Departure is a military science fiction novel by author Marko Kloos, first published in 2014. It is the second book in the Frontlines series and continues the story of Andrew Grayson, a soldier in the United Defense Forces fighting against the Lankies, an alien species that has been relentlessly attacking human colonies. In this installment, Grayson finds himself reassigned to a new unit and sent to the front lines of the conflict on the colony of New Svalbard. The novel delves into the brutal realities of war, the strains it places on personal relationships, and the sacrifices made by those in the military. As the battle against the Lankies escalates, Grayson and his fellow soldiers must navigate the murky waters of politics and power struggles within the military hierarchy while facing the ever-present threat of the alien enemy. Kloos paints a vivid and gritty portrayal of futuristic warfare, exploring the psychological and emotional toll it takes on individuals caught in its midst. With its intense action sequences and well-developed characters, Lines of Departure offers a compelling and thought-provoking read for fans of military science fiction.

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