Expiration Date

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Imagined AI depiction of the book "Expiration Date" by Tim Powers, encapsulating the essence of this nebula-1996 award winning novel.
In the science fiction novel “Expiration Date” by Tim Powers, the story is set in Future Earth where a young boy named Koot Hoomie Parganas has the ability to animate the dead. As he becomes embroiled in a supernatural underworld, known as the Netherworld, he discovers his powers have potential consequences beyond what he could have imagined. He encounters various characters, including his deceased mother, who provide insight and guidance in navigating this perilous new reality. Koot’s journey takes him through the streets of modern-day Los Angeles, as well as the mystical and eerie realms of the Netherworld, where he must confront malevolent forces and unravel the mysteries of his own unique abilities. This gripping tale of life, death, and the supernatural unfolds against the backdrop of a vividly imagined future Earth.
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