3 Body Problem

3 Body Problem, “The Three Body Problem” is a part of the sci-fi trilogy titled “Remembrance of Earth’s Past” written by Liu Cixin. It is also a Netflix series, Season 1 recently released.

Shi Qiang: 3 body problem
Shi Qiang
Ye Wenjie: 3 body problem
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Wang Miao

3 Body Problem: Vital Stats

Liu Cixin’s trilogy has gained international acclaim for its sophisticated science fiction concepts, deep philosophical questions, and richly developed historical backdrop. It intertwines quantum physics, astronomy, political intrigue, and alien civilizations into a groundbreaking science fiction epic.


3 Body Problem: Burning Questions

The trilogy is known as “Remembrance of Earth’s Past”. The individual books are as follows:

1. **The Three-Body Problem:** The first book of the trilogy introduces the reader to an alternate history where first contact with an alien civilization, the Trisolarans, takes place against the backdrop of China’s Cultural Revolution.

2. **The Dark Forest:** The second book develops the storyline revolving around the impending Trisolaran invasion, unveiling Liu Cixin’s unique take on the Fermi Paradox and the concept of “Cosmic Sociology”.

3. **Death’s End:** The final book of the trilogy spans a broad timeline, exploring deep time and the futures that await both the human and Trisolaran civilizations.

The Netflix Series centers around the “Oxford 5” who are headquartered in the US, whereas the Novels take place mostly in China and internationally. 

Sophons are high-dimensional, intellect particles created by the Trisolarans.

The first Sophon is a proton that the Trisolarans, a technologically advanced alien race, manipulate at the quantum level to unfold into two dimensions where they etch circuits that essentially transform the proton into an incredibly powerful quantum computer.

So while not referred to as AI, the Sophons are sentient, have self-awareness, can communicate, and carry out tasks which one can argue makes them a kind of advanced artificial intelligence system.

In the story, the Trisolarans use the Sophon to spy on humanity and disrupt our technological progress, mainly by creating chaos in the field of particle physics, making our progression towards a similar level of technology impossible. This introduction of the Sophon reinforces the themes of the trilogy around advanced civilizations, high-concept science, and the potential risks and benefits of technological progress.

Individuals tasked with designing strategic deterrents against an impending alien invasion. Wallfacers play a central role in humanity’s strategy against the Trisolarans.

From the Netflix series they are Auggie-Salazar, Saul Durand, Jack Rooney, Jin Cheng, and Will Downing. We don’t believe that ‘Oxford 5’  appears in the original novels and seem to be potential additions or changes for the series. 

These extraterrestrials hail from a planet orbiting a chaotic three-star system — hence the name “Trisolaris.” Living in wildly fluctuating temperatures and environments, these beings have learned to “dehydrate” into a compact form to survive long periods of extreme conditions.

Absolutely! Starting with the great material from author Cixin Liu, the series is both interesting and fun. The Netflix Series is tailored to an American audience more so than the novel though.

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The Three Body Problem
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The Three Body Problem

The Three Body Problem, the first in a trilogy by Liu Cixin, explores the consequences of human contact with an alien civilization. Set against the backdrop of the Cultural Revolution, a secret Chinese military project sends signals into space, resulting in contact with the Trisolarans, an alien race suffering from a volatile home world. As the Trisolarans prepare to invade Earth, factions arise, some welcoming the invaders, others seeking to fight. Authors: Cixin Liu, Ken

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